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package plugintest

import "github.com/taskcluster/taskcluster-worker/plugins/plugintest"


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type Case Uses

type Case struct {
    // A payload that will be passed to the sandbox and plugin
    Payload string
    // Set of environment variables to give the SandboxBuilder
    Env map[string]string
    // Mapping from hostname to handlers for proxies to attach to SandboxBuilder
    Proxies map[string]http.Handler
    // The plugin under test. This should be the name that is registered
    Plugin string
    // JSON configuration for the plugin
    PluginConfig string
    // Whether or not plugin.Stopped() should return true
    PluginSuccess bool
    // Whether or not engine.ResultSet.Success() should return true
    EngineSuccess bool
    // Whether or not this test-case should propagate success from engine to
    // Finished. This equivalent to running in parallel with the "success" plugin.
    PropagateSuccess bool
    // If a regular expression is specified here, it must be in the task log
    MatchLog string
    // If a regular expression is specified here, it must _not_ be in the task log
    NotMatchLog string
    // A mocked out queue client
    QueueMock *client.MockQueue
    // Override the default generated TaskID
    TaskID string
    // Override the default generated TaskID
    RunID int
    // A testing struct can be useful inside for assertions
    TestStruct *testing.T // TODO: Remove this and make it an argument for .Test(t)
    // If true, the sandbox is expected to be aborted
    SandboxAbort bool
    // If true, requires that the plugin called StopNow
    StoppedNow bool
    // If true, requires that the plugin called StopGracefully
    StoppedGracefully bool

    // ClientID to be passed to TaskContext
    ClientID string
    // AccessToken to be passed to TaskContext
    AccessToken string
    // Certificate to be passed to TaskContext
    Certificate string

    // Each of these functions is called at the time specified in the name
    BeforeBuildSandbox func(Options)
    AfterBuildSandbox  func(Options)
    BeforeStarted      func(Options)
    AfterStarted       func(Options)
    BeforeStopped      func(Options)
    AfterStopped       func(Options)
    BeforeFinished     func(Options)
    AfterFinished      func(Options)
    BeforeDisposed     func(Options)
    AfterDisposed      func(Options)

The Case is a testcase for a plugin. This specifies a few ways to ensure that the plugin has done what is expected. It works very closely with mockengine and using the functions part of the payload to modify how that works is very useful.

func (Case) Test Uses

func (c Case) Test()

Test is called to trigger a plugintest.Case to run

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    Environment    *runtime.Environment
    SandboxBuilder engines.SandboxBuilder
    Engine         engines.Engine
    ResultSet      engines.ResultSet
    Plugin         plugins.Plugin
    TaskPlugin     plugins.TaskPlugin

The Options contains options available to any of the Before* or After* functions in plugintest.Case

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