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package firefox

import ""

Package firefox provides Firefox-specific types for WebDriver.


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const (
    Trace  LogLevel = "trace"
    Debug           = "debug"
    Config          = "config"
    Info            = "info"
    Warn            = "warn"
    Error           = "error"
    Fatal           = "fatal"

Levels of logging that can be specified in the Log structure.

const CapabilitiesKey = "moz:firefoxOptions"

CapabilitiesKey is the name of the Firefox-specific key in the WebDriver capabilities object.

type Capabilities Uses

type Capabilities struct {
    // Binary is the absolute path of the Firefox binary, e.g. /usr/bin/firefox
    // or /Applications/, to select which
    // custom browser binary to use. If left undefined, geckodriver will attempt
    // to deduce the default location of Firefox on the current system.
    Binary string `json:"binary,omitempty"`
    // Args are the command line arguments to pass to the Firefox binary. These
    // must include the leading -- where required e.g. ["--devtools"].
    Args []string `json:"args,omitempty"`
    // Profile is the Base64-encoded zip file of a profile directory to use as
    // the profile for the Firefox instance. This may be used to e.g.
    // install extensions or custom certificates. Use the SetProfile method
    // to load an existing profile from a file system.
    Profile string `json:"profile,omitempty"`
    // Log specifies the logging options for Gecko.
    Log *Log `json:"log,omitempty"`
    // Map of preference name to preference value, which can be a string, a
    // boolean or an integer.
    Prefs map[string]interface{} `json:"prefs,omitempty"`

Capabilities provides Firefox-specific options to WebDriver.

func (*Capabilities) SetProfile Uses

func (c *Capabilities) SetProfile(basePath string) error

SetProfile sets the Profile datum with a Base64-encoded zip file of a profile directory that is specified by basePath. This directory should directly contain the profile's files, e.g. "user.js".

Note that a zip file will be created in memory and then the zip file will be base64-encoded. This will require memory at least 2x the size of the data.

type Log Uses

type Log struct {
    // Level is the verbosity level of logs that Firefox should output.
    Level LogLevel `json:"level"`

Log specifies how Firefox should log debug data.

type LogLevel Uses

type LogLevel string

LogLevel is an enum that defines logging levels for Firefox.

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