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package log

import ""

Package log provides logging-related configuration types and constants.


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const CapabilitiesKey = "goog:loggingPrefs"

CapabilitiesKey is the key for the logging preferences entry in the JSON structure representing WebDriver capabilities.

Note that the W3C spec does not include logging right now, and starting with Chrome 75, "loggingPrefs" has been changed to "goog:loggingPrefs"

type Capabilities Uses

type Capabilities map[Type]Level

Capabilities is the map to include in the WebDriver capabilities structure to configure logging.

type Level Uses

type Level string

Level represents a logging level of different components in the browser, the driver, or any intermediary WebDriver servers.

See the documentation of each driver for what browser specific logging components are available.

const (
    Off     Level = "OFF"
    Severe  Level = "SEVERE"
    Warning Level = "WARNING"
    Info    Level = "INFO"
    Debug   Level = "DEBUG"
    All     Level = "ALL"

The valid log levels.

type Message Uses

type Message struct {
    Timestamp time.Time
    Level     Level
    Message   string

Message is a log message returned from the Log method.

type Type Uses

type Type string

Type represents a component capable of logging.

const (
    Server      Type = "server"
    Browser     Type = "browser"
    Client      Type = "client"
    Driver      Type = "driver"
    Performance Type = "performance"
    Profiler    Type = "profiler"

The valid log types.

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