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package sauce

import ""

Package sauce interacts with the Sauce Labs hosted browser testing environment.


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connect.go sauce.go

func Addr Uses

func Addr(userName, accessKey string) string

Addr returns the URL to use for driving a remote web browser.

type Capabilities Uses

type Capabilities struct {
    // The name of the browser test against.
    Browser string `json:"browser,omitempty"`
    // The version of the browser you want to use in your test.
    Version string `json:"version,omitempty"`
    // Which operating system the browser should be running on.
    Platform string `json:"platform,omitempty"`
    // The version of Selenium to use.
    SeleniumVersion string `json:"seleniumVersion,omitempty"`
    // When testing Chrome, the version of ChromeDriver to use.
    ChromeDriverVersion string `json:"chromedriverVersion,omitempty"`
    // When testing IE, the version of IE Driver to use.
    IEDriverVersion string `json:"iedriverVersion,omitempty"`

    // Setting this option will automatically accept any unexpected browser
    // alerts that come up during your test.
    AutoAcceptAlerts *bool `json:"autoAcceptAlerts,omitempty"`

    // Used to record test names for jobs.
    TestName string `json:"name,omitempty"`
    // Used to associate jobs with a build number or app version.
    BuildNumber string `json:"build,omitempty"`
    // User-defined tags for grouping and filtering jobs.
    Tags []string `json:"tags,omitempty"`
    // User-defined custom data, limited to 64KB in size.
    CustomData json.RawMessage `json:"customData,omitempty"`

    // The maximum test duration to allow, in seconds. By default, this is 30
    // minutes. The maximum value is 10800 seconds (three hours).
    MaximumDuration int `json:"maxDuration,omitempty"`
    // The maximum amount of time a command can run in a browser, in seconds. By
    // default, this is 300 seconds (five minutes). The maximum value is 600
    // seconds (ten minutes).
    CommandTimeout int `json:"commandTimeout,omitempty"`
    // The maxmimum amount of time to wait for a new command. By default, this is
    // 90 seconds. The maximum value is 1000 seconds.
    IdleTimeout int `json:"idleTimeout,omitempty"`

    // Run an executable before the test.
    PreRun *PreRun `json:"prerun,omitempty"`

    // The screen resolution should be used during the test session.
    ScreenResolution string `json:"screenResolution,omitempty"`
    // The timezone to configure on Desktop Test VMs.
    TimeZone string `json:"timeZone,omitempty"`

    // Disable use of the Selenium HTTP proxy server.
    AvoidProxy bool `json:"avoidProxy,omitempty"`

    // The visibility of the job.
    Visibility Visibility `json:"public,omitempty"`

    // By default, Sauce records a video of every test run. Set this to false to
    // disable recording video.
    RecordVideo *bool `json:"recordVideo,omitempty"`
    // Set to false to discard videos for passing tests identified using the
    // passed  setting. This disables video post-processing and uploading that
    // may otherwise consume some extra time.
    UploadVideoOnPass *bool `json:"videoUploadOnPass,omitempty"`
    // Set to false to prevent recording of screenshots.
    RecordScreenshots *bool `json:"recordScreenshots,omitempty"`
    // Set to false to disable log recording.
    RecordLogs *bool `json:"recordLogs,omitempty"`
    // Set to false to disable capturing the HTML source at each step.
    CaptureHTML *bool `json:"captureHtml,omitempty"`

    // The priority level of the job. Used for determining which job to start
    // across a collection of sub-accounts. Smaller numbers indicate higher
    // priority.
    Priority int `json:"priority,omitempty"`

    // Selenium WebDriver captures automatic screenshots for every server side
    // failure, for example if an element is not found. Sauce disables this by
    // default to reduce network traffic during tests, resulting in a
    // considerable performance improvement in most tests. Set this to true to
    // reenable this feature.
    WebDriverScreenshot *bool `json:"webdriverRemoteQuietExceptions,omitempty"`

Capabilities are the options to provide to the Sauce infrastructure for each test.

See the following URL for more details of each configuration parameter:

func (*Capabilities) ToMap Uses

func (c *Capabilities) ToMap() (map[string]interface{}, error)

ToMap returns the capabilities in a key/value structure.

type Connect Uses

type Connect struct {
    // Path is the path to the Sauce Connect Proxy binary.
    Path string
    // UserName and AccessKey are the credentials used to authenticate with Sauce Labs.
    UserName, AccessKey string
    // LogFile is the location of the log file that the proxy binary should
    // create.
    LogFile string
    // PIDFile is the location of the file that will contain the SauceConnect Proxy process ID. If not specified, one will be generated to avoid collisions between multiple processes.
    PIDFile string
    // SeleniumPort is the port number that the Proxy binary should listen on for
    // new Selenium WebDriver connections.
    SeleniumPort int
    // Verbose and ExtraVerbose control the verbosity level of logging from the
    // Proxy binary.
    Verbose, ExtraVerbose bool
    // Args are additional arguments to provide to the Proxy binary.
    // See the following URL for details about available flags:
    Args []string

    // If true and the current operating system is Linux, send SIGTERM to the
    // proxy process when this parent process exits.
    QuitProcessUponExit bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Connect manages an instance of a Sauce Connect Proxy to allow Sauce Labs to access HTTP endpoints from the local machine, though a tunnel.

func (*Connect) Addr Uses

func (c *Connect) Addr() string

Addr returns the URL of the WebDriver endpoint to use for driving the browser.

func (*Connect) Start Uses

func (c *Connect) Start() error

Start starts the Sauce Connect Proxy.

func (*Connect) Stop Uses

func (c *Connect) Stop() error

Stop terminates the Proxy process.

type PreRun Uses

type PreRun struct {
    // The URL to the executable you want to run before your browser session
    // starts.
    Executable string `json:"executable,omitempty"`
    // A list of the command line parameters that you want the executable to
    // receive.
    Args []string `json:"args,omitempty"`
    // Whether Sauce should wait for this executable to finish before your
    // browser session starts.
    Background bool `json:"background,omitempty"`
    // The number of seconds Sauce will wait for your executable to finish before
    // your browser session starts.
    Timeout int `json:"timeout,omitempty"`

PreRun configures a URL to an executable file, which will be downloaded and executed to configure the VM before the test starts.

type Visibility Uses

type Visibility string

Visibility is a visibility level for a test.

const (
    // Public is the visibility to specify that the result is accessible to everyone.
    Public Visibility = "public"
    // PublicRestricted is the visibility to specify that anonymous users have
    // access to the result page and video, but not the logs.
    PublicRestricted Visibility = "public restricted"
    // Team is the visibility to specify that the results are only accessible to
    // people under the same root account as the executor's.
    Team Visibility = "team"
    // Private is the visibility to specify that only the owner of the test will
    // be able to view assets and test result page.
    Private Visibility = "private"

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