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package cryptoamino

import "github.com/tendermint/tendermint/crypto/encoding/amino"


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func PrivKeyFromBytes Uses

func PrivKeyFromBytes(privKeyBytes []byte) (privKey crypto.PrivKey, err error)

PrivKeyFromBytes unmarshals private key bytes and returns a PrivKey

func PubKeyFromBytes Uses

func PubKeyFromBytes(pubKeyBytes []byte) (pubKey crypto.PubKey, err error)

PubKeyFromBytes unmarshals public key bytes and returns a PubKey

func PubkeyAminoName Uses

func PubkeyAminoName(cdc *amino.Codec, key crypto.PubKey) (string, bool)

PubkeyAminoName returns the amino route of a pubkey cdc is currently passed in, as eventually this will not be using a package level codec.

func RegisterAmino Uses

func RegisterAmino(cdc *amino.Codec)

RegisterAmino registers all crypto related types in the given (amino) codec.

func RegisterKeyType Uses

func RegisterKeyType(o interface{}, name string)

RegisterKeyType registers an external key type to allow decoding it from bytes

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