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package mock

import "github.com/tendermint/tendermint/mock"


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type Mempool Uses

type Mempool struct{}

Mempool is an empty implementation of a Mempool, useful for testing.

func (Mempool) CheckTx Uses

func (Mempool) CheckTx(_ types.Tx, _ func(*abci.Response), _ mempl.TxInfo) error

func (Mempool) CloseWAL Uses

func (Mempool) CloseWAL()

func (Mempool) EnableTxsAvailable Uses

func (Mempool) EnableTxsAvailable()

func (Mempool) Flush Uses

func (Mempool) Flush()

func (Mempool) FlushAppConn Uses

func (Mempool) FlushAppConn() error

func (Mempool) InitWAL Uses

func (Mempool) InitWAL()

func (Mempool) Lock Uses

func (Mempool) Lock()

func (Mempool) ReapMaxBytesMaxGas Uses

func (Mempool) ReapMaxBytesMaxGas(_, _ int64) types.Txs

func (Mempool) ReapMaxTxs Uses

func (Mempool) ReapMaxTxs(n int) types.Txs

func (Mempool) Size Uses

func (Mempool) Size() int

func (Mempool) TxsAvailable Uses

func (Mempool) TxsAvailable() <-chan struct{}

func (Mempool) TxsBytes Uses

func (Mempool) TxsBytes() int64

func (Mempool) TxsFront Uses

func (Mempool) TxsFront() *clist.CElement

func (Mempool) TxsWaitChan Uses

func (Mempool) TxsWaitChan() <-chan struct{}

func (Mempool) Unlock Uses

func (Mempool) Unlock()

func (Mempool) Update Uses

func (Mempool) Update(
    _ int64,
    _ types.Txs,
    _ []*abci.ResponseDeliverTx,
    _ mempl.PreCheckFunc,
    _ mempl.PostCheckFunc,
) error

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