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package core

import "github.com/tendermint/tendermint/rpc/core"

# Introduction

Tendermint supports the following RPC protocols:

* URI over HTTP * JSONRPC over HTTP * JSONRPC over websockets

Tendermint RPC is built using our own RPC library which contains its own set of documentation and tests. See it here: https://github.com/tendermint/tendermint/tree/master/rpc/lib

## Configuration

RPC can be configured by tuning parameters under `[rpc]` table in the `$TMHOME/config/config.toml` file or by using the `--rpc.X` command-line flags.

Default rpc listen address is `tcp://`. To set another address, set the `laddr` config parameter to desired value. CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) can be enabled by setting `cors_allowed_origins`, `cors_allowed_methods`, `cors_allowed_headers` config parameters.

## Arguments

Arguments which expect strings or byte arrays may be passed as quoted strings, like `"abc"` or as `0x`-prefixed strings, like `0x616263`.


“`bash curl 'localhost:26657/broadcast_tx_sync?tx="abc"' “`

> Response:

“`json {

"error": "",
"result": {
	"hash": "2B8EC32BA2579B3B8606E42C06DE2F7AFA2556EF",
	"log": "",
	"data": "",
	"code": "0"
"id": "",
"jsonrpc": "2.0"

} “`


JSONRPC requests can be POST'd to the root RPC endpoint via HTTP (e.g. `http://localhost:26657/`).

“`json {

"method": "broadcast_tx_sync",
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"params": [ "abc" ],
"id": "dontcare"

} “`

## JSONRPC/websockets

JSONRPC requests can be made via websocket. The websocket endpoint is at `/websocket`, e.g. `localhost:26657/websocket`. Asynchronous RPC functions like event `subscribe` and `unsubscribe` are only available via websockets.

## More Examples

See the various bash tests using curl in `test/`, and examples using the `Go` API in `rpc/client/`.

## Get the list

An HTTP Get request to the root RPC endpoint shows a list of available endpoints.

“`bash curl 'localhost:26657' “`

> Response:

“`plain Available endpoints: /abci_info /dump_consensus_state /genesis /net_info /num_unconfirmed_txs /status /health /unconfirmed_txs /unsafe_flush_mempool /unsafe_stop_cpu_profiler /validators

Endpoints that require arguments: /abci_query?path=_&data=_&prove=_ /block?height=_ /blockchain?minHeight=_&maxHeight=_ /broadcast_tx_async?tx=_ /broadcast_tx_commit?tx=_ /broadcast_tx_sync?tx=_ /commit?height=_ /dial_seeds?seeds=_ /dial_persistent_peers?persistent_peers=_ /subscribe?event=_ /tx?hash=_&prove=_ /unsafe_start_cpu_profiler?filename=_ /unsafe_write_heap_profile?filename=_ /unsubscribe?event=_ “`

# Endpoints


Package Files

abci.go blocks.go consensus.go dev.go doc.go events.go evidence.go health.go mempool.go net.go pipe.go routes.go status.go tx.go


const (

    // SubscribeTimeout is the maximum time we wait to subscribe for an event.
    // must be less than the server's write timeout (see rpcserver.DefaultConfig)
    SubscribeTimeout = 5 * time.Second


var Routes = map[string]*rpc.RPCFunc{

    "subscribe":       rpc.NewWSRPCFunc(Subscribe, "query"),
    "unsubscribe":     rpc.NewWSRPCFunc(Unsubscribe, "query"),
    "unsubscribe_all": rpc.NewWSRPCFunc(UnsubscribeAll, ""),

    "health":               rpc.NewRPCFunc(Health, ""),
    "status":               rpc.NewRPCFunc(Status, ""),
    "net_info":             rpc.NewRPCFunc(NetInfo, ""),
    "blockchain":           rpc.NewRPCFunc(BlockchainInfo, "minHeight,maxHeight"),
    "genesis":              rpc.NewRPCFunc(Genesis, ""),
    "block":                rpc.NewRPCFunc(Block, "height"),
    "block_by_hash":        rpc.NewRPCFunc(BlockByHash, "hash"),
    "block_results":        rpc.NewRPCFunc(BlockResults, "height"),
    "commit":               rpc.NewRPCFunc(Commit, "height"),
    "tx":                   rpc.NewRPCFunc(Tx, "hash,prove"),
    "tx_search":            rpc.NewRPCFunc(TxSearch, "query,prove,page,per_page,order_by"),
    "validators":           rpc.NewRPCFunc(Validators, "height,page,per_page"),
    "dump_consensus_state": rpc.NewRPCFunc(DumpConsensusState, ""),
    "consensus_state":      rpc.NewRPCFunc(ConsensusState, ""),
    "consensus_params":     rpc.NewRPCFunc(ConsensusParams, "height"),
    "unconfirmed_txs":      rpc.NewRPCFunc(UnconfirmedTxs, "limit"),
    "num_unconfirmed_txs":  rpc.NewRPCFunc(NumUnconfirmedTxs, ""),

    "broadcast_tx_commit": rpc.NewRPCFunc(BroadcastTxCommit, "tx"),
    "broadcast_tx_sync":   rpc.NewRPCFunc(BroadcastTxSync, "tx"),
    "broadcast_tx_async":  rpc.NewRPCFunc(BroadcastTxAsync, "tx"),

    "abci_query": rpc.NewRPCFunc(ABCIQuery, "path,data,height,prove"),
    "abci_info":  rpc.NewRPCFunc(ABCIInfo, ""),

    "broadcast_evidence": rpc.NewRPCFunc(BroadcastEvidence, "evidence"),

func ABCIInfo Uses

func ABCIInfo(ctx *rpctypes.Context) (*ctypes.ResultABCIInfo, error)

ABCIInfo gets some info about the application. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/ABCI/abci_info

func ABCIQuery Uses

func ABCIQuery(
    ctx *rpctypes.Context,
    path string,
    data bytes.HexBytes,
    height int64,
    prove bool,
) (*ctypes.ResultABCIQuery, error)

ABCIQuery queries the application for some information. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/ABCI/abci_query

func AddUnsafeRoutes Uses

func AddUnsafeRoutes()

func Block Uses

func Block(ctx *rpctypes.Context, heightPtr *int64) (*ctypes.ResultBlock, error)

Block gets block at a given height. If no height is provided, it will fetch the latest block. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/block

func BlockByHash Uses

func BlockByHash(ctx *rpctypes.Context, hash []byte) (*ctypes.ResultBlock, error)

BlockByHash gets block by hash. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/block_by_hash

func BlockResults Uses

func BlockResults(ctx *rpctypes.Context, heightPtr *int64) (*ctypes.ResultBlockResults, error)

BlockResults gets ABCIResults at a given height. If no height is provided, it will fetch results for the latest block.

Results are for the height of the block containing the txs. Thus response.results.deliver_tx[5] is the results of executing getBlock(h).Txs[5] More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/block_results

func BlockchainInfo Uses

func BlockchainInfo(ctx *rpctypes.Context, minHeight, maxHeight int64) (*ctypes.ResultBlockchainInfo, error)

BlockchainInfo gets block headers for minHeight <= height <= maxHeight. Block headers are returned in descending order (highest first). More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/blockchain

func BroadcastEvidence Uses

func BroadcastEvidence(ctx *rpctypes.Context, ev types.Evidence) (*ctypes.ResultBroadcastEvidence, error)

BroadcastEvidence broadcasts evidence of the misbehavior. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/broadcast_evidence

func BroadcastTxAsync Uses

func BroadcastTxAsync(ctx *rpctypes.Context, tx types.Tx) (*ctypes.ResultBroadcastTx, error)

BroadcastTxAsync returns right away, with no response. Does not wait for CheckTx nor DeliverTx results. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Tx/broadcast_tx_async

func BroadcastTxCommit Uses

func BroadcastTxCommit(ctx *rpctypes.Context, tx types.Tx) (*ctypes.ResultBroadcastTxCommit, error)

BroadcastTxCommit returns with the responses from CheckTx and DeliverTx. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Tx/broadcast_tx_commit

func BroadcastTxSync Uses

func BroadcastTxSync(ctx *rpctypes.Context, tx types.Tx) (*ctypes.ResultBroadcastTx, error)

BroadcastTxSync returns with the response from CheckTx. Does not wait for DeliverTx result. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Tx/broadcast_tx_sync

func Commit Uses

func Commit(ctx *rpctypes.Context, heightPtr *int64) (*ctypes.ResultCommit, error)

Commit gets block commit at a given height. If no height is provided, it will fetch the commit for the latest block. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/commit

func ConsensusParams Uses

func ConsensusParams(ctx *rpctypes.Context, heightPtr *int64) (*ctypes.ResultConsensusParams, error)

ConsensusParams gets the consensus parameters at the given block height. If no height is provided, it will fetch the current consensus params. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/consensus_params

func ConsensusState Uses

func ConsensusState(ctx *rpctypes.Context) (*ctypes.ResultConsensusState, error)

ConsensusState returns a concise summary of the consensus state. UNSTABLE More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/consensus_state

func DumpConsensusState Uses

func DumpConsensusState(ctx *rpctypes.Context) (*ctypes.ResultDumpConsensusState, error)

DumpConsensusState dumps consensus state. UNSTABLE More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/dump_consensus_state

func Genesis Uses

func Genesis(ctx *rpctypes.Context) (*ctypes.ResultGenesis, error)

Genesis returns genesis file. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/genesis

func Health Uses

func Health(ctx *rpctypes.Context) (*ctypes.ResultHealth, error)

Health gets node health. Returns empty result (200 OK) on success, no response - in case of an error. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/health

func NetInfo Uses

func NetInfo(ctx *rpctypes.Context) (*ctypes.ResultNetInfo, error)

NetInfo returns network info. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/net_info

func NumUnconfirmedTxs Uses

func NumUnconfirmedTxs(ctx *rpctypes.Context) (*ctypes.ResultUnconfirmedTxs, error)

NumUnconfirmedTxs gets number of unconfirmed transactions. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/num_unconfirmed_txs

func SetBlockStore Uses

func SetBlockStore(bs sm.BlockStore)

func SetConfig Uses

func SetConfig(c cfg.RPCConfig)

SetConfig sets an RPCConfig.

func SetConsensusReactor Uses

func SetConsensusReactor(conR *consensus.Reactor)

func SetConsensusState Uses

func SetConsensusState(cs Consensus)

func SetEventBus Uses

func SetEventBus(b *types.EventBus)

func SetEvidencePool Uses

func SetEvidencePool(evpool sm.EvidencePool)

func SetGenesisDoc Uses

func SetGenesisDoc(doc *types.GenesisDoc)

func SetLogger Uses

func SetLogger(l log.Logger)

func SetMempool Uses

func SetMempool(mem mempl.Mempool)

func SetP2PPeers Uses

func SetP2PPeers(p peers)

func SetP2PTransport Uses

func SetP2PTransport(t transport)

func SetProxyAppQuery Uses

func SetProxyAppQuery(appConn proxy.AppConnQuery)

func SetPubKey Uses

func SetPubKey(pk crypto.PubKey)

func SetStateDB Uses

func SetStateDB(db dbm.DB)

func SetTxIndexer Uses

func SetTxIndexer(indexer txindex.TxIndexer)

func Status Uses

func Status(ctx *rpctypes.Context) (*ctypes.ResultStatus, error)

Status returns Tendermint status including node info, pubkey, latest block hash, app hash, block height and time. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/status

func Subscribe Uses

func Subscribe(ctx *rpctypes.Context, query string) (*ctypes.ResultSubscribe, error)

Subscribe for events via WebSocket. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Websocket/subscribe

func Tx Uses

func Tx(ctx *rpctypes.Context, hash []byte, prove bool) (*ctypes.ResultTx, error)

Tx allows you to query the transaction results. `nil` could mean the transaction is in the mempool, invalidated, or was not sent in the first place. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/tx

func TxSearch Uses

func TxSearch(ctx *rpctypes.Context, query string, prove bool, page, perPage int, orderBy string) (
    *ctypes.ResultTxSearch, error)

TxSearch allows you to query for multiple transactions results. It returns a list of transactions (maximum ?per_page entries) and the total count. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/tx_search

func UnconfirmedTxs Uses

func UnconfirmedTxs(ctx *rpctypes.Context, limit int) (*ctypes.ResultUnconfirmedTxs, error)

UnconfirmedTxs gets unconfirmed transactions (maximum ?limit entries) including their number. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/unconfirmed_txs

func UnsafeDialPeers Uses

func UnsafeDialPeers(ctx *rpctypes.Context, peers []string, persistent bool) (*ctypes.ResultDialPeers, error)

UnsafeDialPeers dials the given peers (comma-separated id@IP:PORT), optionally making them persistent.

func UnsafeDialSeeds Uses

func UnsafeDialSeeds(ctx *rpctypes.Context, seeds []string) (*ctypes.ResultDialSeeds, error)

UnsafeDialSeeds dials the given seeds (comma-separated id@IP:PORT).

func UnsafeFlushMempool Uses

func UnsafeFlushMempool(ctx *rpctypes.Context) (*ctypes.ResultUnsafeFlushMempool, error)

UnsafeFlushMempool removes all transactions from the mempool.

func UnsafeStartCPUProfiler Uses

func UnsafeStartCPUProfiler(ctx *rpctypes.Context, filename string) (*ctypes.ResultUnsafeProfile, error)

UnsafeStartCPUProfiler starts a pprof profiler using the given filename.

func UnsafeStopCPUProfiler Uses

func UnsafeStopCPUProfiler(ctx *rpctypes.Context) (*ctypes.ResultUnsafeProfile, error)

UnsafeStopCPUProfiler stops the running pprof profiler.

func UnsafeWriteHeapProfile Uses

func UnsafeWriteHeapProfile(ctx *rpctypes.Context, filename string) (*ctypes.ResultUnsafeProfile, error)

UnsafeWriteHeapProfile dumps a heap profile to the given filename.

func Unsubscribe Uses

func Unsubscribe(ctx *rpctypes.Context, query string) (*ctypes.ResultUnsubscribe, error)

Unsubscribe from events via WebSocket. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Websocket/unsubscribe

func UnsubscribeAll Uses

func UnsubscribeAll(ctx *rpctypes.Context) (*ctypes.ResultUnsubscribe, error)

UnsubscribeAll from all events via WebSocket. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Websocket/unsubscribe_all

func Validators Uses

func Validators(ctx *rpctypes.Context, heightPtr *int64, page, perPage int) (*ctypes.ResultValidators, error)

Validators gets the validator set at the given block height. If no height is provided, it will fetch the current validator set. Note the validators are sorted by their address - this is the canonical order for the validators in the set as used in computing their Merkle root. More: https://docs.tendermint.com/master/rpc/#/Info/validators

type Consensus Uses

type Consensus interface {
    GetState() sm.State
    GetValidators() (int64, []*types.Validator)
    GetLastHeight() int64
    GetRoundStateJSON() ([]byte, error)
    GetRoundStateSimpleJSON() ([]byte, error)



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