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package version

import "github.com/tendermint/tendermint/version"


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const (
    // TMCoreSemVer is the current version of Tendermint Core.
    // It's the Semantic Version of the software.
    // Must be a string because scripts like dist.sh read this file.
    // XXX: Don't change the name of this variable or you will break
    // automation :)
    TMCoreSemVer = "0.32.7"

    // ABCISemVer is the semantic version of the ABCI library
    ABCISemVer  = "0.16.1"
    ABCIVersion = ABCISemVer


var (
    // GitCommit is the current HEAD set using ldflags.
    GitCommit string

    // Version is the built softwares version.
    Version string = TMCoreSemVer

type App Uses

type App struct {
    Protocol Protocol `json:"protocol"`
    Software string   `json:"software"`

App includes the protocol and software version for the application. This information is included in ResponseInfo. The App.Protocol can be updated in ResponseEndBlock.

type Consensus Uses

type Consensus struct {
    Block Protocol `json:"block"`
    App   Protocol `json:"app"`

Consensus captures the consensus rules for processing a block in the blockchain, including all blockchain data structures and the rules of the application's state transition machine.

type Protocol Uses

type Protocol uint64

Protocol is used for implementation agnostic versioning.

var (
    // P2PProtocol versions all p2p behaviour and msgs.
    // This includes proposer selection.
    P2PProtocol Protocol = 7

    // BlockProtocol versions all block data structures and processing.
    // This includes validity of blocks and state updates.
    BlockProtocol Protocol = 10

func (Protocol) Uint64 Uses

func (p Protocol) Uint64() uint64

Uint64 returns the Protocol version as a uint64, eg. for compatibility with ABCI types.

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