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package server

import "github.com/textileio/powergate/api/server"


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const (

    // WSPingInterval controls the WebSocket keepalive pinging interval. Must be >= 1s.
    WSPingInterval = time.Second * 5

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    WalletInitialFunds   big.Int
    IpfsAPIAddr          ma.Multiaddr
    LotusAddress         ma.Multiaddr
    LotusAuthToken       string
    LotusMasterAddr      string
    AutocreateMasterAddr bool
    FFSUseMasterAddr     bool
    Devnet               bool
    GatewayBasePath      string
    GrpcHostNetwork      string
    GrpcHostAddress      ma.Multiaddr
    GrpcServerOpts       []grpc.ServerOption
    GrpcWebProxyAddress  string
    RepoPath             string
    GatewayHostAddr      string
    MaxMindDBFolder      string
    MongoURI             string
    MongoDB              string

Config specifies server settings.

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Server represents the configured lotus client and filecoin grpc server.

func NewServer Uses

func NewServer(conf Config) (*Server, error)

NewServer starts and returns a new server with the given configuration.

func (*Server) Close Uses

func (s *Server) Close()

Close shuts down the server.

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