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package fchost

import "github.com/textileio/powergate/fchost"


Package Files

config.go fchost.go

type FilecoinHost Uses

type FilecoinHost struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FilecoinHost is a libp2p host connected to the FC network.

func New Uses

func New(network string, bootstrap bool) (*FilecoinHost, error)

New returns a new FilecoinHost.

func (*FilecoinHost) Addrs Uses

func (fc *FilecoinHost) Addrs(pid peer.ID) []multiaddr.Multiaddr

Addrs returns the known multiaddresses known of a peer.

func (*FilecoinHost) Bootstrap Uses

func (fc *FilecoinHost) Bootstrap() error

Bootstrap connects to the bootstrap peers.

func (*FilecoinHost) GetAgentVersion Uses

func (fc *FilecoinHost) GetAgentVersion(pid peer.ID) string

GetAgentVersion returns the agent version of the peer, or empty otherwise.

func (*FilecoinHost) Ping Uses

func (fc *FilecoinHost) Ping(ctx context.Context, pid peer.ID) bool

Ping runs the ping protocol with a peer, returns true on success or false otherwise.

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