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package fixed

import "github.com/textileio/powergate/ffs/minerselector/fixed"


Package Files


type Miner Uses

type Miner struct {
    Addr       string
    Country    string
    EpochPrice uint64

Miner contains miner information.

type MinerSelector Uses

type MinerSelector struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MinerSelector is a MinerSelector implementation which always return a single miner address with an fixed epochPrice.

func New Uses

func New(miners []Miner) *MinerSelector

New returns a new FixedMinerSelector that always return addr as the miner address and epochPrice.

func (*MinerSelector) GetMiners Uses

func (fms *MinerSelector) GetMiners(n int, f ffs.MinerSelectorFilter) ([]ffs.MinerProposal, error)

GetMiners returns the single allowed miner in the selector.

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