internal/pkg/chromePackage chrome helps starting Google Chrome headless in background.
internal/pkg/confPackage conf gathers all configuration data.
internal/pkg/normalizePackage normalize helps removing special characters from a string.
internal/pkg/printerPackage printer helps converting a specific file type to PDF.
internal/pkg/xassertPackage xassert is a helper for converting and/or validating strings.
internal/pkg/xcontextPackage xcontext helps managing context.Context with timeout.
internal/pkg/xerrorPackage xerror helps standardizing the errors through the application.
internal/pkg/xexecPackage xexec helps creating exec.Cmd with logging and executing those commands without leaking orphan processes.
internal/pkg/xlogPackage xlog defines a standard logger for the application.
internal/pkg/xrandPackage xrand helps generating random strings.
internal/pkg/xtimePackage xtime helps generating time.Duration from seconds represented as float64.
testPackage test contains useful functions used across tests.

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