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package validation

import ""


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type ErrBadHierarchy Uses

type ErrBadHierarchy struct {
    Missing string
    Msg     string

ErrBadHierarchy represents missing metadata. Currently: a missing snapshot at this current time. When delegations are implemented it will also represent a missing delegation parent

func (ErrBadHierarchy) Error Uses

func (err ErrBadHierarchy) Error() string

type ErrBadRoot Uses

type ErrBadRoot struct {
    Msg string

ErrBadRoot represents a failure validating the root

func (ErrBadRoot) Error Uses

func (err ErrBadRoot) Error() string

type ErrBadSnapshot Uses

type ErrBadSnapshot struct {
    Msg string

ErrBadSnapshot represents a failure to validate the snapshot

func (ErrBadSnapshot) Error Uses

func (err ErrBadSnapshot) Error() string

type ErrBadTargets Uses

type ErrBadTargets struct {
    Msg string

ErrBadTargets represents a failure to validate a targets (incl delegations)

func (ErrBadTargets) Error Uses

func (err ErrBadTargets) Error() string

type ErrValidation Uses

type ErrValidation struct {
    Msg string

ErrValidation represents a general validation error

func (ErrValidation) Error Uses

func (err ErrValidation) Error() string

type SerializableError Uses

type SerializableError struct {
    Name  string
    Error error

SerializableError is a struct that can be used to serialize an error as JSON

func NewSerializableError Uses

func NewSerializableError(err error) (*SerializableError, error)

NewSerializableError serializes one of the above errors into JSON

func (*SerializableError) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (s *SerializableError) UnmarshalJSON(text []byte) (err error)

UnmarshalJSON attempts to unmarshal the error into the right type

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