serverExternal services contacted through RPC
server/authPackage auth provides interfaces and types required for implementing an authenticaor.
server/auth/anonPackage anon provides authentication without credentials.
server/auth/basicPackage basic is an authenticator by login-password.
server/auth/restPackage rest provides authentication by calling a separate process over REST API (technically JSON RPC, not REST).
server/auth/tokenPackage token implements authentication by HMAC-signed security token.
server/dbPackage adapter contains the interfaces to be implemented by the database adapter
server/draftyPackage drafty contains utilities for conversion from Drafty to plain text.
server/mediaPackage media defines an interface which must be implemented by media upload/download handlers.
server/media/fsPackage fs implements interface by storing media objects in a single directory in the file system.
server/media/s3Package s3 implements media interface by storing media objects in Amazon S3 bucket.
server/pushPackage push contains interfaces to be implemented by push notification plugins.
server/push/fcmPackage fcm implements push notification plugin for Google FCM backend.
server/push/stdoutPackage stdout is a sample implementation of a push plugin.
server/push/tnpgPackage tnpg implements push notification plugin for Tinode Push Gateway.
server/ringhashPackage ringhash implementats a consistent ring hash:
server/storePackage store provides methods for registering and accessing database adapters.
server/store/typesPackage types provides data types for persisting objects in the databases.
server/validatePackage validate defines an interface which must be implmented by credential validators.
server/validate/emailPackage email is a credential validator which uses an external SMTP server.
server/validate/telPackage tel is an incomplete implementation of SMS or voice credential validator.

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