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authPackage auth provides interfaces and types required for implementing an authenticaor.
auth/anonPackage anon provides authentication without credentials.
auth/basicPackage basic is an authenticator by login-password.
auth/restPackage rest provides authentication by calling a separate process over REST API (technically JSON RPC, not REST).
auth/tokenPackage token implements authentication by HMAC-signed security token.
dbPackage adapter contains the interfaces to be implemented by the database adapter
draftyPackage drafty contains utilities for conversion from Drafty to plain text.
mediaPackage media defines an interface which must be implemented by media upload/download handlers.
media/fsPackage fs implements interface by storing media objects in a single directory in the file system.
media/s3Package s3 implements media interface by storing media objects in Amazon S3 bucket.
pushPackage push contains interfaces to be implemented by push notification plugins.
push/fcmPackage fcm implements push notification plugin for Google FCM backend.
push/stdoutPackage stdout is a sample implementation of a push plugin.
push/tnpgPackage tnpg implements push notification plugin for Tinode Push Gateway.
ringhashPackage ringhash implementats a consistent ring hash:
storePackage store provides methods for registering and accessing database adapters.
store/typesPackage types provides data types for persisting objects in the databases.
validatePackage validate defines an interface which must be implmented by credential validators.
validate/emailPackage email is a credential validator which uses an external SMTP server.
validate/telPackage tel is an incomplete implementation of SMS or voice credential validator.

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