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package media

import ""

Package media defines an interface which must be implemented by media upload/download handlers.


Package Files


func GetIdFromUrl Uses

func GetIdFromUrl(url string, serveUrl string) types.Uid

GetIdFromUrl is a helper method for extracting file ID from a URL.

type Handler Uses

type Handler interface {
    // Init initializes the media upload handler.
    Init(jsconf string) error

    // Check if redirect is required.
    // Redirect can be used to serve files from a different external server.
    Redirect(method, url string) (string, error)

    // Upload processes request for file upload.
    Upload(fdef *types.FileDef, file io.ReadSeeker) (string, error)

    // Download processes request for file download.
    Download(url string) (*types.FileDef, ReadSeekCloser, error)

    // Delete deletes file from storage.
    Delete(locations []string) error

    // GetIdFromUrl extracts file ID from download URL.
    GetIdFromUrl(url string) types.Uid

Handler is an interface which must be implemented by media handlers (uploaders-downloaders).

type ReadSeekCloser Uses

type ReadSeekCloser interface {

ReadSeekCloser must be implemented by the media being downloaded.


fsPackage fs implements interface by storing media objects in a single directory in the file system.
s3Package s3 implements media interface by storing media objects in Amazon S3 bucket.

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