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package validate

import ""

Package validate defines an interface which must be implmented by credential validators.


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type Validator Uses

type Validator interface {
    // Init initializes the validator.
    Init(jsonconf string) error

    // PreCheck pre-validates the credential without sending an actual request for validation:
    // check uniqueness (if appropriate), format, etc
    // Returns normalized credential prefixed with an appropriate namespace prefix.
    PreCheck(cred string, params map[string]interface{}) (string, error)

    // Request sends a request for confirmation to the user. Returns true if it's a new credential,
    // false if it re-sent request for an existing unconfirmed credential.
    //   user: UID of the user making the request.
    //   cred: credential being validated, such as email or phone.
    //   lang: user's human language as repored in the session.
    //   resp: optional response if user already has it (i.e. captcha/recaptcha).
    //   tmpToken: temporary authentication token to include in the request.
    Request(user t.Uid, cred, lang, resp string, tmpToken []byte) (bool, error)

    // ResetSecret sends a message with instructions for resetting an authentication secret.
    //   cred: address to use for the message.
    //   scheme: authentication scheme being reset.
    //   lang: human language as reported in the session.
    //   tmpToken: temporary authentication token
    //   params: authentication params.
    ResetSecret(cred, scheme, lang string, tmpToken []byte, params map[string]interface{}) error

    // Check checks validity of user's response.
    // Returns the value of validated credential on success.
    Check(user t.Uid, resp string) (string, error)

    // Remove deletes or deactivates user's given value.
    Remove(user t.Uid, value string) error

    // Delete deletes user's record.
    Delete(user t.Uid) error

Validator handles validation of user's credentials, like email or phone.


emailPackage email is a credential validator which uses an external SMTP server.
telPackage tel is an incomplete implementation of SMS or voice credential validator.

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