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package TRTLServices

import ""


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type TSwrapper Uses

type TSwrapper struct {
    Token   string
    Timeout int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

TSwrapper structure contains the url, token and timeout info for the TRTL Services

func (*TSwrapper) CreateAddress Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) CreateAddress() (*bytes.Buffer, error)

CreateAddress method creates a new TRTL address

func (*TSwrapper) CreateTransfer Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) CreateTransfer(
    fromAddress string,
    toAddress string,
    amount float64,
    fee float64,
    paymentID string,
    extra string) (*bytes.Buffer, error)

CreateTransfer method sends a TRTL transaction with an address with the amount specified two decimal points.

func (*TSwrapper) DeleteAddress Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) DeleteAddress(address string) (*bytes.Buffer, error)

DeleteAddress method deletes the specified address

func (*TSwrapper) GetAddress Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) GetAddress(address string) (*bytes.Buffer, error)

GetAddress method gets the address details of the specified address

func (*TSwrapper) GetAddressKeys Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) GetAddressKeys(address string) (*bytes.Buffer, error)

GetAddressKeys method gets the public and secret spend keys of the specified address

func (*TSwrapper) GetAddresses Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) GetAddresses() (*bytes.Buffer, error)

GetAddresses method views all addresses associated with the API token

func (*TSwrapper) GetFee Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) GetFee(amount float64) (*bytes.Buffer, error)

GetFee method calculates the TRTL Services fee for an amount specified in TRTL with two decimal points.

func (*TSwrapper) GetIntegratedAddresses Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) GetIntegratedAddresses(address string) (*bytes.Buffer, error)

GetIntegratedAddresses mthod returns all integrated address associated with the given normal address

func (*TSwrapper) GetStatus Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) GetStatus() (*bytes.Buffer, error)

GetStatus method gets the current status of the TRTL Services infrastructure

func (*TSwrapper) GetTransfer Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) GetTransfer(transactionHash string) (*bytes.Buffer, error)

GetTransfer method gets transaction details specified by transaction hash.

func (*TSwrapper) GetWallet Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) GetWallet() (*bytes.Buffer, error)

GetWallet method gets wallet container info and health check

func (*TSwrapper) IntegrateAddress Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) IntegrateAddress(address string, paymentID string) (*bytes.Buffer, error)

IntegrateAddress method creates an integrated address with specified paymentID

func (*TSwrapper) ScanAddress Uses

func (service *TSwrapper) ScanAddress(address string, blockIndex int) (*bytes.Buffer, error)

ScanAddress method scans an address for transactions between a 100 block range starting from the specified blockIndex.

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