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package loader

import "github.com/tsavola/wag/internal/loader"


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func Varuint32 Uses

func Varuint32(r reader.R) (x uint32, n int, err error)

type L Uses

type L struct {
    R reader.R

L provides panicking alternatives for reader.R methods, and then some.

func (L) Byte Uses

func (load L) Byte() byte

func (L) Bytes Uses

func (load L) Bytes(n uint32) (data []byte)

func (L) Count Uses

func (load L) Count(maxCount uint32, name string) []struct{}

Count reads a varuint32 for iteration.

func (L) Into Uses

func (load L) Into(buf []byte)

func (L) Uint32 Uses

func (load L) Uint32() (x uint32)

func (L) Uint64 Uses

func (load L) Uint64() (x uint64)

func (L) Varint32 Uses

func (load L) Varint32() int32

func (L) Varint64 Uses

func (load L) Varint64() (x int64)

func (L) Varint7 Uses

func (load L) Varint7() int8

func (L) Varuint1 Uses

func (load L) Varuint1() bool

func (L) Varuint32 Uses

func (load L) Varuint32() (x uint32)

func (L) Varuint64 Uses

func (load L) Varuint64() (x uint64)

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