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package obj

import "github.com/tsavola/wag/internal/obj"


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const (
    Word = 8 // stack entry size

type DebugObjectMapper Uses

type DebugObjectMapper interface {
    PutTrapSite(addr uint32, stackOffset int32)
    PutInsnAddr(addr uint32)
    PutDataBlock(addr uint32, length int32)

DebugObjectMapper gathers information about positions of (WebAssembly) functions, function calls and instructions within the text (machine code) section.

type DummyDebugMapper Uses

type DummyDebugMapper struct{ DummyMapper }

func (DummyDebugMapper) PutDataBlock Uses

func (DummyDebugMapper) PutDataBlock(uint32, int32)

func (DummyDebugMapper) PutInsnAddr Uses

func (DummyDebugMapper) PutInsnAddr(uint32)

func (DummyDebugMapper) PutTrapSite Uses

func (DummyDebugMapper) PutTrapSite(uint32, int32)

type DummyMapper Uses

type DummyMapper struct{}

func (DummyMapper) InitObjectMap Uses

func (DummyMapper) InitObjectMap(int, int)

func (DummyMapper) PutCallSite Uses

func (DummyMapper) PutCallSite(uint32, int32)

func (DummyMapper) PutFuncAddr Uses

func (DummyMapper) PutFuncAddr(uint32)

type ObjectMapper Uses

type ObjectMapper interface {
    InitObjectMap(numImportFuncs, numOtherFuncs int)
    PutFuncAddr(addr uint32)
    PutCallSite(returnAddr uint32, stackOffset int32)

ObjectMapper gathers information about positions of (WebAssembly) functions and function calls within the text (machine code) section.

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