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package jog

import ""

Jog is a structured logging library outputting JSON messages one per line.

Each logged event will have the following fields:

- Time: ISO 8601 format
- Type: type of the Go variable representing the event
- Data: details of the event

The format for the type is "IMPORTPATH#TYPE", for example "".


Package Files


type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // Destination to which log events will be written.
    Out io.Writer

type Logger Uses

type Logger struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Logger represents a logger that takes Go variables as events and writes them to an io.Writer as JSON. Each logging operation makes a single call to the Writer's Write method and contains one complete log event. For high throughput logging, you may want to use a bufio.Writer. A Logger can be used simultaneously from multiple goroutines, Write calls happen one at a time.

func New Uses

func New(conf *Config) *Logger

New creates a new Logger. Configuration is optional.

func (*Logger) Event Uses

func (l *Logger) Event(data interface{})

Record an event on this Logger. Data may be any value that can be JSON encoded.



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