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package cmd

import ""

Package cmd contains Inertia's command-line interface components and logic


Package Files

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func NewInertiaCmd Uses

func NewInertiaCmd(version, inertiaConfigPath string, validateConfig bool) *core.Cmd

NewInertiaCmd is a new Inertia command


corePackage core provides a parent class for the root 'inertia' command
core/utils/inputPackage input provides input parsing utilities for the Inertia CLI
core/utils/outPackage out provides out utilities for the Inertia CLI
projectPackage projectcmd implements the 'inertia project' subcommands
provisionPackage provisioncmd implements the 'inertia provision' subcommands
remotePackage remotecmd implements the 'inertia remote' subcommands
remotesPackage remotescmd implements the 'inertia [remote]' subcommands

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