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package input

import ""

Package input provides input parsing utilities for the Inertia CLI


Package Files

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var (
    // ErrEmptyInput is returned on empty imputs - toggle with AllowEmpty
    ErrEmptyInput = errors.New("empty input")
    // ErrInvalidInput is returned on disallowed inputs - toggle with AllowInvalid
    ErrInvalidInput = errors.New("invalid input")

func CatchSigterm Uses

func CatchSigterm(cancelFunc func())

CatchSigterm listens in the background for some kind of interrupt and calls the given cancelFunc as necessary

type PromptConfig Uses

type PromptConfig struct {
    AllowEmpty   bool
    AllowInvalid bool

PromptConfig offers prompt configuration

type PromptInteraction Uses

type PromptInteraction struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PromptInteraction is a builder for interactions - use .PromptX followed by .GetX

func NewPrompt Uses

func NewPrompt(conf *PromptConfig) *PromptInteraction

NewPrompt instantiates a new prompt interaction on standard in

func NewPromptOnInput Uses

func NewPromptOnInput(in io.Reader, conf *PromptConfig) *PromptInteraction

NewPromptOnInput instantiates a new prompt on specified input

func (*PromptInteraction) GetBool Uses

func (p *PromptInteraction) GetBool() (bool, error)

GetBool retrieves a boolean response based on "y" or "yes"

func (*PromptInteraction) GetString Uses

func (p *PromptInteraction) GetString() (string, error)

GetString retreives the raw string response from the prompt

func (*PromptInteraction) Prompt Uses

func (p *PromptInteraction) Prompt(query ...interface{}) *PromptInteraction

Prompt prints the given query and reads the response

func (*PromptInteraction) PromptFromList Uses

func (p *PromptInteraction) PromptFromList(optionName string, options []string) *PromptInteraction

PromptFromList creates a choose-one-from-x prompt

func (*PromptInteraction) Promptf Uses

func (p *PromptInteraction) Promptf(query string, args ...interface{}) *PromptInteraction

Promptf prints the given query and reads the response

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