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Command inertiad

Inertiad is Inertia's daemon component.

This service runs in the background on your remote VPS and allows you to monitor and control your deployed application.

Even though it is built as command line application, inertiad not intended for direct use - the Inertia daemon is supposed to be deployed as a Docker container, the image for which can be found here:

When used, however, it offers two main commands:

inertiad token   # generates and outputs a JWT in stdout
inertiad run     # starts daemon service

Package Files

doc.go main.go


authPackage auth provides the Inertia daemon's authentication and security framework
buildPackage build implements Inertia's build procedures
build/mocksCode generated by counterfeiter.
cfgPackage cfg provides the daemon's core configuration
containersPackage containers provides utilities for interacting with Docker containers
cryptoPackage crypto provides functions for managing encryption, keys, etc.
daemonPackage daemon provides Inertiad's core server and API
gitPackage git provides functions for interacting with git repositories
logPackage log provides logging utilities
notifyPackage notify provides experimental support for notifications providers.
notify/mocksCode generated by counterfeiter.
projectPackage project contains Inertia's build and project management code
project/mocksCode generated by counterfeiter.
resPackage res provides simple HTTP response primitives
utilPackage util provides miscellaneous utility functions
webhookPackage webhook contains Inertia's webhook parsing code

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