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package git

import ""

Package git provides functions for interacting with git repositories


Package Files

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var (
    // ErrInvalidGitAuthentication is returned when handshake with a git remote fails
    ErrInvalidGitAuthentication = errors.New("git authentication failed")

func AuthFailedErr Uses

func AuthFailedErr(path ...string) error

AuthFailedErr attaches the daemon key in the error message

func InitializeRepository Uses

func InitializeRepository(remoteURL string, opts RepoOptions, w io.Writer) (*gogit.Repository, error)

InitializeRepository sets up a project repository for the first time

func SimplifyGitErr Uses

func SimplifyGitErr(err error) error

SimplifyGitErr checks errors that involve git remote operations and simplifies them to ErrInvalidGitAuthentication if possible

func UpdateRepository Uses

func UpdateRepository(repo *gogit.Repository, opts RepoOptions, out io.Writer) error

UpdateRepository pulls and checkouts given branch from repository

type RepoOptions Uses

type RepoOptions struct {
    Directory string
    Branch    string
    Auth      transport.AuthMethod

RepoOptions declares options for a project repository

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