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package stack

import "github.com/uber/go-torch/stack"


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type Profile Uses

type Profile struct {
    SampleNames []string
    Samples     []*Sample

Profile represents a parsed pprof profile.

func NewProfile Uses

func NewProfile(names []string) (*Profile, error)

NewProfile returns a new profile with the specified sample names.

type Sample Uses

type Sample struct {
    // Funcs is parent first.
    Funcs  []string
    Counts []int64

Sample represents the sample count for a specific call stack.

func NewSample Uses

func NewSample(funcs []string, counts []int64) *Sample

NewSample returns a new sample with a copy of the counts.

func (*Sample) Add Uses

func (s *Sample) Add(counts []int64) error

Add combines counts with the existing counts for this sample.

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