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package log

import ""


Package Files

log.go logrus.go std.go

type Log Uses

type Log interface {
    Print(v ...interface{})
    Printf(format string, v ...interface{})
    Println(v ...interface{})

    Info(v ...interface{})
    Infof(format string, v ...interface{})
    Infoln(v ...interface{})

    Debug(v ...interface{})
    Debugf(format string, v ...interface{})
    Debugln(v ...interface{})

Log provides some common methods for outputting messages. It may be used to exchange the default log.Logger error logger with another provider.

func WithLogrus Uses

func WithLogrus(cfg config.Log) Log

func WithStd Uses

func WithStd(cfg config.Log) Log

WithStd creates a logger that uses the stdlib log facilities.

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