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package passmgr

import ""

Package passmgr defines a store for credentials.


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type Store Uses

type Store interface {

    // List retrieves a list of all Subjects known to the store.
    // The Secrets map of the returned Subjects is empty. To retrieve the
    // complete Subject including its secrets, the Load method needs to be
    // used.
    List() []Subject

    // Load looks up a Subject, identified by its User and URL fields.
    // It returns the complete Subject including its secrets and a flag
    // indicating whether the lookup was successful or not.
    Load(Subject) (s Subject, ok bool)

    // Store adds a new Subject to the store, or updates an existing one.

    // Delete removes a subject from the store. It returns false if the
    // Subject to delete could not be found.
    Delete(Subject) bool

Store provides access to stored credentials.

type Subject Uses

type Subject struct {
    User    string
    URL     string
    Secrets map[string]string

Subject contains various secrets for a given user name. Usually the URL and User fields are used as unique identifiers.


cmd/passmgrPassmgr is a simple password manager which allows to securely store passphrases and retrieve them via commandline.
filestorePackage filestore implements a secure passmgr.Store.

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