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package gopaapi5

import ""


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client.go operations.go request.go


var (
    // ErrEmptyAccessKey is thrown when access key is empty
    ErrEmptyAccessKey = errors.New("Empty access key")
    // ErrEmptySecretKey is thrown when secret key is empty
    ErrEmptySecretKey = errors.New("Empty secret key")
    // ErrEmptyAssociateTag is thrown when associate tag is empty
    ErrEmptyAssociateTag = errors.New("Empty associate tag")
    // ErrInvalidLocale is thrown when locale is invalid
    ErrInvalidLocale = errors.New("Invalid locale")
    // ErrNilHttpClient is thrown when locale is invalid
    ErrNilHttpClient = errors.New("Nil http client")

type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    AccessKey    string
    SecretKey    string
    AssociateTag string
    Locale       api.Locale
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client stores AccessKey, SecretKey, and, AssociateTag; and exposes GetBrowseNodes, GetItems, GetVariations, and SearchItems operations.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(accessKey, secretKey, associateTag string, locale api.Locale) (*Client, error)

NewClient accepts Access Key, Secrete Key, Associate Tag, Locale and returns a new client

func (*Client) GetBrowseNodes Uses

func (c *Client) GetBrowseNodes(ctx context.Context, params *api.GetBrowseNodesParams) (*api.GetBrowseNodesResponse, error)

GetBrowseNodes gets information for Browse Nodes

func (*Client) GetItems Uses

func (c *Client) GetItems(ctx context.Context, params *api.GetItemsParams) (*api.GetItemsResponse, error)

GetItems gets information for items

func (*Client) GetVariations Uses

func (c *Client) GetVariations(ctx context.Context, params *api.GetVariationsParams) (*api.GetVariationsResponse, error)

GetVariations gets information for variations

func (*Client) SearchItems Uses

func (c *Client) SearchItems(ctx context.Context, params *api.SearchItemsParams) (*api.SearchItemsResponse, error)

SearchItems searches for items on Amazon

func (*Client) SetHttpClient Uses

func (c *Client) SetHttpClient(httpClient *http.Client) error

SetHttpClient allows you to change the default http client used by gopaapi5 client



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