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package inbound

import "github.com/v2ray/v2ray-core/features/inbound"


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func ManagerType Uses

func ManagerType() interface{}

ManagerType returns the type of Manager interface. Can be used for implementing common.HasType.


type Handler Uses

type Handler interface {
    // The tag of this handler.
    Tag() string

    // Deprecated. Do not use in new code.
    GetRandomInboundProxy() (interface{}, net.Port, int)

Handler is the interface for handlers that process inbound connections.


type Manager Uses

type Manager interface {
    // GetHandlers returns an InboundHandler for the given tag.
    GetHandler(ctx context.Context, tag string) (Handler, error)
    // AddHandler adds the given handler into this Manager.
    AddHandler(ctx context.Context, handler Handler) error

    // RemoveHandler removes a handler from Manager.
    RemoveHandler(ctx context.Context, tag string) error

Manager is a feature that manages InboundHandlers.


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