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package paho

import ""

Package paho provides an iot.MQTTClient implementation that uses the Eclipse Paho MQTT client. To use the client, you must import this package.


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func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(thing iot.Thing, options *iot.ThingOptions) iot.MQTTClient

NewClient creates an MQTTClient instance using Eclipse Paho.

type MQTTClient Uses

type MQTTClient struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MQTTClient is an implementation of MQTTClient that uses Eclipse Paho. To use the client, you must include this package.

func (*MQTTClient) Connect Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) Connect(ctx context.Context, servers ...string) error

Connect should connect to the given MQTT server

func (*MQTTClient) Disconnect Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) Disconnect(ctx context.Context) error

Disconnect will disconnect from the given MQTT server and clean up all client resources

func (*MQTTClient) IsConnected Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) IsConnected() bool

IsConnected should return true when the client is connected to the server

func (*MQTTClient) Publish Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) Publish(ctx context.Context, topic string, qos uint8, payload interface{}) error

Publish will publish the given payload to the given topic with the given quality of service level

func (*MQTTClient) SetClientID Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) SetClientID(clientID string)

SetClientID sets the MQTT client id

func (*MQTTClient) SetCredentialsProvider Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) SetCredentialsProvider(credentialsProvider iot.MQTTCredentialsProvider)

SetCredentialsProvider sets the CredentialsProvider used by the MQTT client

func (*MQTTClient) SetDebugLogger Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) SetDebugLogger(logger iot.Logger)

SetDebugLogger sets the logger to use for logging debug messages

func (*MQTTClient) SetErrorLogger Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) SetErrorLogger(logger iot.Logger)

SetErrorLogger sets the logger to use for logging error or critical messages

func (*MQTTClient) SetInfoLogger Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) SetInfoLogger(logger iot.Logger)

SetInfoLogger sets the logger to use for logging information or warning messages

func (*MQTTClient) SetOnConnectHandler Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) SetOnConnectHandler(handler iot.MQTTOnConnectHandler)

SetOnConnectHandler sets the method that is called after the client connects to the server

func (*MQTTClient) Subscribe Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) Subscribe(ctx context.Context, topic string, qos uint8, callback iot.ConfigHandler) error

Subscribe will subscribe to the given topic with the given quality of service level and message handler

func (*MQTTClient) Unsubscribe Uses

func (c *MQTTClient) Unsubscribe(ctx context.Context, topic string) error

Unsubscribe will unsubscribe from the given topic

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