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internal/applicationPackage application is a layer responsible for driving the workflow of the application, matching the use cases at hand.
internal/domainPackage domain is the heart layer of the software, and this is where the interesting stuff happens.
internal/domain/clientPackage client holds client domain logic
internal/domain/tokenPackage token holds token domain logic
internal/infrastructurePackage infrastructure is a layer that holds everything that interacts with other systems - Secondary/Driven Adapters.
internal/infrastructure/persistencePackage persistence holds view models and repository interfaces
internal/infrastructure/persistence/mysqlPackage mysql holds view model repositories
internal/infrastructure/repositoryPackage repository holds event sourced repositories
internal/interfacesPackage interfaces is a layer that holds everything that other systems interacts with - Primary/Driving Adapters.
internal/interfaces/grpcPackage grpc provides user grpc server
internal/interfaces/httpPackage http provides routes for http router
internal/interfaces/http/handlersPackage handlers provides http handlers

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