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package eventstore

import "github.com/vardius/go-api-boilerplate/pkg/eventstore"

Package eventstore provides interfaces along with helper functions


Package Files

doc.go errors.go event_store.go


var ErrEventNotFound = fmt.Errorf("event not found")

ErrEventNotFound is thrown when an event is not found in the store.

type EventStore Uses

type EventStore interface {
    Store(ctx context.Context, events []domain.Event) error
    Get(ctx context.Context, id uuid.UUID) (domain.Event, error)
    FindAll(ctx context.Context) ([]domain.Event, error)
    GetStream(ctx context.Context, streamID uuid.UUID, streamName string) ([]domain.Event, error)

EventStore methods allow to save, load events and event streams


dynamodbPackage memory provides dynamodb implementation of domain event store
memoryPackage memory provides memory implementation of domain event store
mysqlPackage eventstore provides mysql implementation of domain event store

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