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package messagebus

import ""

Package messagebus provides simple async message publisher


queueSize := 100
bus := messagebus.New(queueSize)

var wg sync.WaitGroup

bus.Subscribe("topic", func(v bool) {
    defer wg.Done()
    fmt.Println("s1", v)

bus.Subscribe("topic", func(v bool) {
    defer wg.Done()
    fmt.Println("s2", v)

// Publish block only when the buffer of one of the subscribers is full.
// change the buffer size altering queueSize when creating new messagebus
bus.Publish("topic", true)

// Unordered output:
// s1 true
// s2 true


s1 true
s2 true


queueSize := 2
subscribersAmount := 3

ch := make(chan int, queueSize)
defer close(ch)

bus := messagebus.New(queueSize)

for i := 0; i < subscribersAmount; i++ {
    bus.Subscribe("topic", func(i int, out chan<- int) { out <- i })

go func() {
    for n := 0; n < queueSize; n++ {
        bus.Publish("topic", n, ch)

var sum = 0
for sum < (subscribersAmount * queueSize) {
    select {
    case <-ch:






Package Files

bus.go doc.go

type MessageBus Uses

type MessageBus interface {
    // Publish publishes arguments to the given topic subscribers
    // Publish block only when the buffer of one of the subscribers is full.
    Publish(topic string, args ...interface{})
    // Close unsubscribe all handlers from given topic
    Close(topic string)
    // Subscribe subscribes to the given topic
    Subscribe(topic string, fn interface{}) error
    // Unsubscribe unsubscribe handler from the given topic
    Unsubscribe(topic string, fn interface{}) error

MessageBus implements publish/subscribe messaging paradigm

func New Uses

func New(handlerQueueSize int) MessageBus

New creates new MessageBus handlerQueueSize sets buffered channel length per subscriber

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