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package ps

import ""


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func FindIds Uses

func FindIds(name string) ([]int32, error)

FindIds finds the all processes named with a subset of "name" (case insensitive), return matched IDs.

func FindName Uses

func FindName(pid int32) (string, error)

FindName find the process name by the process id

func FindNames Uses

func FindNames() ([]string, error)

FindNames find the all process name

func FindPath Uses

func FindPath(pid int32) (string, error)

FindPath find the process path by the process pid

func GetPid Uses

func GetPid() int32

GetPid get the process id

func Kill Uses

func Kill(pid int32) error

Kill kill the process by PID

func PidExists Uses

func PidExists(pid int32) (bool, error)

PidExists determine whether the process exists

func Pids Uses

func Pids() ([]int32, error)

Pids get the all process id

type Nps Uses

type Nps struct {
    Pid  int32
    Name string

Nps process struct

func Process Uses

func Process() ([]Nps, error)

Process get the all process struct

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