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package syslog

import ""


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cli.go plugin.go syslog.go


var ErrInvalidFormat = errors.New("invalid format")

type CLI Uses

type CLI struct {
    Dgram string `long:"dgram" description:"Listen for unix diagrams at a path"`
    TCP   string `short:"t" long:"tcp" description:"Listen on a TCP port"`
    UDP   string `short:"u" long:"udp" description:"Listen on a UDP port"`

    OctetCounted bool `short:"c" long:"octet-counted" default:"true" description:"For TCP, use RFC6587 encoded messages"`

func (*CLI) Execute Uses

func (s *CLI) Execute(args []string) error

type Plugin Uses

type Plugin struct {
    Dgram string `description:"unix datagram path to listen on"`
    TCP   string `description:"tcp host:port to listen on"`
    UDP   string `description:"udp host:port to listen on"`

    OctetCounted bool `toml:"octet_counted" description:"Use octet counted format"`

func (*Plugin) Description Uses

func (p *Plugin) Description() string

func (*Plugin) Generator Uses

func (s *Plugin) Generator() (cypress.Generator, error)

type Syslog Uses

type Syslog struct {
    // Use RFC6587 encoded messages
    OctetCounted bool

    TotalBytes *uint64
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSyslogDgram Uses

func NewSyslogDgram(path string) (*Syslog, error)

func NewSyslogFromConn Uses

func NewSyslogFromConn(c net.Conn) (*Syslog, error)

func NewSyslogFromListener Uses

func NewSyslogFromListener(l net.Listener) (*Syslog, error)

func NewSyslogTCP Uses

func NewSyslogTCP(addr string) (*Syslog, error)

func (*Syslog) Run Uses

func (s *Syslog) Run(r cypress.Receiver) error

func (*Syslog) Stop Uses

func (s *Syslog) Stop() error

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