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package suite

import ""


Package Files


func Run Uses

func Run(t *testing.T, ts TestSuite)

Run runs tests registered in the test suite

type SetUpFunc Uses

type SetUpFunc func() error

SetUpFunc sets up provider-specific resource in the test suite

type ShouldSkipTestFunc Uses

type ShouldSkipTestFunc func(string) bool

ShouldSkipTestFunc determines whether the test suite should skip certain tests

type TeardownFunc Uses

type TeardownFunc func() error

TeardownFunc tears down provider-specific resources from the test suite

type TestFunc Uses

type TestFunc func(*testing.T)

TestFunc defines the test function in a test case

type TestSkipper Uses

type TestSkipper interface {
    ShouldSkipTest(string) bool

TestSkipper allows providers to skip certain tests

type TestSuite Uses

type TestSuite interface {

TestSuite contains methods that defines the lifecycle of a test suite

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