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package util

import ""


Package Files

kubernetes.go resource_manager.go

func FakeConfigMap Uses

func FakeConfigMap(namespace, name string, data map[string]string) *corev1.ConfigMap

FakeConfigMap returns a configmap with the specified namespace, name and data.

func FakeEventRecorder Uses

func FakeEventRecorder(bufferSize int) *record.FakeRecorder

FakeEventRecorder returns an event recorder that can be used to capture events.

func FakePodWithSingleContainer Uses

func FakePodWithSingleContainer(namespace, name, image string) *corev1.Pod

FakePodWithSingleContainer returns a pod with the specified namespace and name, and having a single container with the specified image.

func FakeResourceManager Uses

func FakeResourceManager(objects ...runtime.Object) *manager.ResourceManager

FakeResourceManager returns an instance of the resource manager that will return the specified objects when its "GetX" methods are called. Objects can be any valid Kubernetes object (corev1.Pod, corev1.ConfigMap, corev1.Secret, ...).

func FakeSecret Uses

func FakeSecret(namespace, name string, data map[string]string) *corev1.Secret

FakeSecret returns a secret with the specified namespace, name and data.

func FakeService Uses

func FakeService(namespace, name, clusterIP, protocol string, port int32) *corev1.Service

FakeService returns a service with the specified namespace and name and service info.

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