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package trace

import ""

Package trace abstracts virtual-kubelet's tracing capabilities into a set of interfaces. While this does allow consumers to use whatever tracing library they want, the primary goal is to share logging data between the configured logger and tracing spans instead of duplicating calls.


Package Files

nop.go trace.go

func WithTracer Uses

func WithTracer(ctx context.Context, t Tracer) context.Context

WithTracer sets the Tracer which will be used by `StartSpan` in the context.

type Span Uses

type Span interface {

    // SetStatus sets the final status of the span.
    // errors passed to this should use interfaces defined in
    // If the error is nil, the span should be considered successful.
    SetStatus(err error)

    // WithField and WithFields adds attributes to an entire span
    // This interface is a bit weird, but allows us to manage loggers in the context
    // It is expected that implementations set `log.WithLogger` so the logger stored
    // in the context is updated with the new fields.
    WithField(context.Context, string, interface{}) context.Context
    WithFields(context.Context, log.Fields) context.Context

    // Logger is used to log individual entries.
    // Calls to functions like `WithField` and `WithFields` on the logger should
    // not affect the rest of the span but rather individual entries.
    Logger() log.Logger

Span encapsulates a tracing event

func StartSpan Uses

func StartSpan(ctx context.Context, name string) (context.Context, Span)

StartSpan starts a span from the configured default tracer

type Tracer Uses

type Tracer interface {
    // StartSpan starts a new span. The span details are embedded into the returned
    // context
    StartSpan(context.Context, string) (context.Context, Span)

Tracer is the interface used for creating a tracing span

var (
    // T is the Tracer to use this should be initialized before starting up
    // virtual-kubelet
    T Tracer = nopTracer{}


opencensusPackage opencensus implements a using opencensus as a backend.

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