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Command mouthful

This is the entry point for mouthful, the self hosted commenting engine.

Upon providing a config, the main program will parse it and start an API.

Package Files



apiPackage api contains all the required methods and structs for serving mouthful requests.
api/modelPackage model contains the model definitions for mouthful API response and request types.
configPackage config deals with parsing and manipulation of the config files.
config/modelPackage model deals with the model definitions of the configuration file.
dbPackage db is responsible for database access.
db/abstractionPackage abstraction defines all the required interfaces to make the database layer pluggable.
db/dynamodbPackage dynamodb is responsible for connections and data manipulation on dynamodb
db/dynamodb/modelPackage model deals with specific models for dynamodb(they might be a bit different to db/model).
db/modelPackage model contains the models consumed by the databases.
db/sqlxDriverPackage sqlxDriver allows for data manipulation through the package.
db/sqlxDriver/mysqlPackage mysql is responsible for mysql database connections and initialization.
db/sqlxDriver/postgresPackage postgres is responsible for postgres database connections and initialization.
db/sqlxDriver/sqlitePackage sqlite is responsible for sqlite database connections and initialization.
db/toolPackage tool contains various utilities used with the mouthful database
globalPackage global provides constants, defaults and helper methods to mouthful.

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