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package log

import ""


Package Files

log.go text_formatter.go

func CreateSyslogHook Uses

func CreateSyslogHook(cfg *LoggingConfig) (logrus.Hook, error)

func Init Uses

func Init(cfg *LoggingConfig) error

type LoggingConfig Uses

type LoggingConfig struct {
    Formatter logrus.Formatter
    Level     logrus.Level
    Syslog    *SyslogConfig

func NewLoggingConfig Uses

func NewLoggingConfig() *LoggingConfig

type SyslogConfig Uses

type SyslogConfig struct {
    Network  string
    RAddr    string
    Tag      string
    Priority syslog.Priority

type TextFormatter Uses

type TextFormatter struct {
    // TimestampFormat is the format used to print the timestamp.  By default
    // an RFC3339 timestamp is used.
    TimestampFormat string

func NewTextFormatter Uses

func NewTextFormatter() *TextFormatter

NewTextFormatter returns a text formatter

func (*TextFormatter) Format Uses

func (f *TextFormatter) Format(entry *logrus.Entry) ([]byte, error)



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