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package modelconfig

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/api/modelconfig"


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type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client provides methods that the Juju client command uses to interact with models stored in the Juju Server.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(st base.APICallCloser) *Client

NewClient creates a new `Client` based on an existing authenticated API connection.

func (*Client) ModelGet Uses

func (c *Client) ModelGet() (map[string]interface{}, error)

ModelGet returns all model settings.

func (*Client) ModelGetWithMetadata Uses

func (c *Client) ModelGetWithMetadata() (config.ConfigValues, error)

ModelGetWithMetadata returns all model settings along with extra metadata like the source of the setting value.

func (*Client) ModelSet Uses

func (c *Client) ModelSet(config map[string]interface{}) error

ModelSet sets the given key-value pairs in the model.

func (*Client) ModelUnset Uses

func (c *Client) ModelUnset(keys ...string) error

ModelUnset sets the given key-value pairs in the model.

func (*Client) SLALevel Uses

func (c *Client) SLALevel() (string, error)

SLALevel gets the support level for the given model.

func (*Client) Sequences Uses

func (c *Client) Sequences() (map[string]int, error)

Sequences returns all sequence names and next values.

func (*Client) SetSLALevel Uses

func (c *Client) SetSLALevel(level, owner string, creds []byte) error

SetSLALevel sets the support level for the given model.

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