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package upgradeseries

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/api/upgradeseries"


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type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client provides access to the UpgradeSeries API facade.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(caller base.APICaller, authTag names.Tag) *Client

NewClient Constructs an API caller.

func (*Client) CurrentSeries Uses

func (s *Client) CurrentSeries() (string, error)

CurrentSeries returns what Juju thinks the current series of the machine is. Note that a machine could have been upgraded out-of-band by running do-release-upgrade outside of the upgrade-series workflow, making this value incorrect.

func (*Client) FinishUpgradeSeries Uses

func (s *Client) FinishUpgradeSeries(hostSeries string) error

FinishUpgradeSeries notifies the controller that the upgrade process is completely finished, passing the current host OS series. We use the name "Finish" to distinguish this method from the various "Complete" phases.

func (*Client) MachineStatus Uses

func (s *Client) MachineStatus() (model.UpgradeSeriesStatus, error)

Machine status retrieves the machine status from remote state.

func (*Client) SetInstanceStatus Uses

func (s *Client) SetInstanceStatus(sts model.UpgradeSeriesStatus, msg string) error

SetInstanceStatus sets the machine status in remote state.

func (*Client) SetMachineStatus Uses

func (s *Client) SetMachineStatus(status model.UpgradeSeriesStatus, reason string) error

SetMachineStatus sets the series upgrade status in remote state.

func (*Client) StartUnitCompletion Uses

func (s *Client) StartUnitCompletion(reason string) error

StartUnitCompletion starts the complete phase for all subordinate units.

func (*Client) TargetSeries Uses

func (s *Client) TargetSeries() (string, error)

TargetSeries returns the series that a machine has been locked for upgrading to.

func (*Client) UnitsCompleted Uses

func (s *Client) UnitsCompleted() ([]names.UnitTag, error)

UnitsCompleted returns the units running on this machine that have completed the upgrade-series workflow and are in their normal running state.

func (*Client) UnitsPrepared Uses

func (s *Client) UnitsPrepared() ([]names.UnitTag, error)

UnitsPrepared returns the units running on this machine that have completed their upgrade-series preparation, and are ready to be stopped and have their unit agent services converted for the target series.

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