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package providerinit

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/cloudconfig/providerinit"

This package offers userdata in a gzipped format to be used by different cloud providers


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func ComposeUserData Uses

func ComposeUserData(icfg *instancecfg.InstanceConfig, cloudcfg cloudinit.CloudConfig, renderer renderers.ProviderRenderer) ([]byte, error)

ComposeUserData fills out the provided cloudinit configuration structure so it is suitable for initialising a machine with the given configuration, and then renders it and encodes it using the supplied renderer. When calling ComposeUserData a encoding implementation must be chosen from the providerinit/encoders package according to the need of the provider.

If the provided cloudcfg is nil, a new one will be created internally.


renderersThe renderers package implements a way to encode the userdata depending on the OS and the provider.

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