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package status

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/cmd/juju/status"


Package Files

formatted.go formatter.go history.go output_oneline.go output_summary.go output_tabular.go status.go utils.go

func FormatMachineTabular Uses

func FormatMachineTabular(writer io.Writer, forceColor bool, value interface{}) error

FormatMachineTabular writes a tabular summary of machine

func FormatOneline Uses

func FormatOneline(writer io.Writer, value interface{}) error

FormatOneline writes a brief list of units and their subordinates. Subordinates will be indented 2 spaces and listed under their superiors. This format works with version 2 of the CLI.

func FormatSummary Uses

func FormatSummary(writer io.Writer, value interface{}) error

FormatSummary writes a summary of the current environment including the following information: - Headers:

- All subnets the environment occupies.
- All ports the environment utilizes.

- Sections:

- Machines: Displays total #, and then the # in each state.
- Units: Displays total #, and then # in each state.
- Applications: Displays total #, their names, and how many of each
  are exposed.
- RemoteApplications: Displays total #, their names and URLs.

func FormatTabular Uses

func FormatTabular(writer io.Writer, forceColor bool, value interface{}) error

FormatTabular writes a tabular summary of machines, applications, and units. Any subordinate items are indented by two spaces beneath their superior.

func NewStatusCommand Uses

func NewStatusCommand() cmd.Command

NewStatusCommand returns a new command, which reports on the runtime state of various system entities.

func NewStatusFormatter Uses

func NewStatusFormatter(status *params.FullStatus, isoTime bool) *statusFormatter

NewStatusFormatter takes stored model information (params.FullStatus) and populates the statusFormatter struct used in various status formatting methods

func NewStatusHistoryCommand Uses

func NewStatusHistoryCommand() cmd.Command

NewStatusHistoryCommand returns a command that reports the history of status changes for the specified unit.

type Clock Uses

type Clock interface {
    After(time.Duration) <-chan time.Time

Clock defines the methods needed for the status command.

type HistoryAPI Uses

type HistoryAPI interface {
    StatusHistory(kind status.HistoryKind, tag names.Tag, filter status.StatusHistoryFilter) (status.History, error)
    Close() error

HistoryAPI is the API surface for the show-status-log command.

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