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package enginetest

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/cmd/jujud/agent/engine/enginetest"


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func AgentAPIManifoldTestConfig Uses

func AgentAPIManifoldTestConfig() engine.AgentAPIManifoldConfig

AgentAPIManifoldTestConfig returns a AgentAPIManifoldConfig suitable for use with RunAgentAPIManifold.

func RunAgentAPIManifold Uses

func RunAgentAPIManifold(
    manifold dependency.Manifold, agent agent.Agent, apiCaller base.APICaller,
) (worker.Worker, error)

RunAgentAPIManifold is useful for testing manifolds based on AgentAPIManifold. It takes the manifold, sets up the resources required to successfully pass AgentAPIManifold's checks and then runs the manifold start func.

An agent and apiCaller may be optionally provided. If they are nil, dummy barely-good-enough defaults will be used (these dummies are fine not actually used for much).

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