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package model

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/cmd/jujud/agent/model"


Package Files

agent.go errors.go manifolds.go


var ErrRemoved = errors.New("model removed")

ErrRemoved may be returned by some worker started from Manifolds to indicate that the model under management no longer exists.

func CAASManifolds Uses

func CAASManifolds(config ManifoldsConfig) dependency.Manifolds

CAASManifolds returns a set of interdependent dependency manifolds that will run together to administer a CAAS model, as configured.

func IAASManifolds Uses

func IAASManifolds(config ManifoldsConfig) dependency.Manifolds

IAASManifolds returns a set of interdependent dependency manifolds that will run together to administer an IAAS model, as configured.

func IgnoreErrRemoved Uses

func IgnoreErrRemoved(err error) error

IgnoreErrRemoved returns nil if passed an error caused by ErrRemoved, and otherwise returns the original error.

func IsFatal Uses

func IsFatal(err error) bool

IsFatal will probably be helpful when configuring a dependency.Engine to run the result of Manifolds.

func LifeFilter Uses

func LifeFilter(err error) error

LifeFilter is used with the lifeflag manifolds -- which do not depend on runFlag -- to return appropriate errors for consumption by the enclosing dependency.Engine (and/or its IsFatal check).

func WorstError Uses

func WorstError(err, _ error) error

WorstError will probably be helpful when configuring a dependency.Engine to run the result of Manifolds.

func WrapAgent Uses

func WrapAgent(a agent.Agent, controllerUUID, modelUUID string) (agent.Agent, error)

WrapAgent wraps an agent.Agent (expected to be a machine agent, fwiw) such that its references the supplied model rather than the controller model; its config is immutable; and it doesn't use OldPassword.

It's a strong sign that the agent package needs some work...

type ManifoldsConfig Uses

type ManifoldsConfig struct {
    // Agent identifies, and exposes configuration for, the controller
    // machine running these manifolds and the model the manifolds
    // should administer.
    // You should almost certainly set this value to one created by
    // model.WrapAgent.
    Agent coreagent.Agent

    // AgentConfigChanged will be set whenever the agent's api config
    // is updated
    AgentConfigChanged *voyeur.Value

    Authority pki.Authority

    // Clock supplies timing services to any manifolds that need them.
    // Only a few workers have been converted to use them fo far.
    Clock clock.Clock

    // LoggingContext holds the model writers so that the loggers
    // for the workers running on behalf of other models get their logs
    // written into the model's logging collection rather than the controller's.
    LoggingContext *loggo.Context

    // HTTP server mux for registering caas admission controllers
    Mux *apiserverhttp.Mux

    // RunFlagDuration defines for how long this controller will ask
    // for model administration rights; most of the workers controlled
    // by this agent will only be started when the run flag is known
    // to be held.
    RunFlagDuration time.Duration

    // CharmRevisionUpdateInterval determines how often the charm-
    // revision worker will check for new revisions of known charms.
    CharmRevisionUpdateInterval time.Duration

    // StatusHistoryPruner* values control status-history pruning
    // behaviour.
    StatusHistoryPrunerInterval time.Duration

    // ActionPrunerInterval controls the rate at which the action pruner
    // worker is run.
    ActionPrunerInterval time.Duration

    // NewEnvironFunc is a function opens a provider "environment"
    // (typically environs.New).
    NewEnvironFunc environs.NewEnvironFunc

    // NewContainerBrokerFunc is a function opens a CAAS provider.
    NewContainerBrokerFunc caas.NewContainerBrokerFunc

    // NewMigrationMaster is called to create a new migrationmaster
    // worker.
    NewMigrationMaster func(migrationmaster.Config) (worker.Worker, error)

ManifoldsConfig holds the dependencies and configuration options for a model agent: that is, for the set of interdependent workers that observe and manipulate a single model.

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