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package firewall

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/core/firewall"


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const (
    // SSHRule is a rule for SSH connections.
    SSHRule = WellKnownServiceType("ssh")

    // JujuControllerRule is a rule for connections to the Juju controller.
    JujuControllerRule = WellKnownServiceType("juju-controller")

    // JujuApplicationOfferRule is a rule for connections to a Juju offer.
    JujuApplicationOfferRule = WellKnownServiceType("juju-application-offer")

type WellKnownServiceType Uses

type WellKnownServiceType string

WellKnownService defines a service for which firewall rules may be applied.

func (WellKnownServiceType) Validate Uses

func (v WellKnownServiceType) Validate() error

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