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package winrmprovisioner

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/environs/manual/winrmprovisioner"


Package Files

provisioner.go winrmprovisioner.go


var RunProvisionScript = runProvisionScript

RunProvisionScript exported for testing purposes

func DetectSeriesAndHardwareCharacteristics Uses

func DetectSeriesAndHardwareCharacteristics(host string, cli manual.WinrmClientAPI) (hc instance.HardwareCharacteristics, series string, err error)

DetectSeriesAndHardwareCharacteristics detects the windows OS series and hardware characteristics of the remote machine by connecting to the machine and executing a bash script.

func InitAdministratorUser Uses

func InitAdministratorUser(args *manual.ProvisionMachineArgs) error

InitAdministratorUser will initially attempt to login as the Administrator user using the secure client only if this is false then this will make a new attempt with the unsecure http client.

func ProvisionMachine Uses

func ProvisionMachine(args manual.ProvisionMachineArgs) (machineId string, err error)

ProvisionMachine returns a new machineId and nil if the provision process is done successfully The function will manual provision a windows machine using as comunication protocol WinRM(windows remote manager)

func ProvisioningScript Uses

func ProvisioningScript(icfg *instancecfg.InstanceConfig) (string, error)

ProvisioningScript generates a powershell script that can be executed on a remote host to carry out the cloud-init configuration.

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