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package packaging

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/packaging"


Package Files


func InstallDependency Uses

func InstallDependency(dep Dependency, series string) error

InstallDependency executes the appropriate commands to install the specified dependency targeting the provided series.

type Dependency Uses

type Dependency interface {
    PackageList(series string) ([]Package, error)

Dependency is implemented by objects that can provide a series-specific list of packages for installing a particular software dependency.

type Package Uses

type Package struct {
    // The name of the package to install
    Name string

    // Additional options to be passed to the package manager.
    InstallOptions string

    // The package manager to use for installing
    PackageManager PackageManagerName

Package encapsulates the information required for installing a package.

func MakePackageList Uses

func MakePackageList(pm PackageManagerName, opts string, packages ...string) []Package

MakePackageList returns a list of Package instances for each provided package name. All package entries share the same package manager name and install options.

type PackageManagerName Uses

type PackageManagerName string

PackageManagerName describes a package manager.

const (
    AptPackageManager    PackageManagerName = "apt"
    YumPackageManager    PackageManagerName = "yum"
    ZypperPackageManager PackageManagerName = "zypper"
    SnapPackageManager   PackageManagerName = "snap"

The list of supported package managers.



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